What We Do

At Sheard Law we handle legal issues arising from relationship breakdown. That might mean the end of a marriage, or perhaps a common law relationship.

The services that we provide to clients aim to resolve issues including property division, divorce, support, parenting (i.e. custody and access) and many more.

By keeping the scope of our practice focused, we aim to deliver exceptional service and advice to clients, thus saving time, money and stress in what is surely a difficult situation for most people.

We are not the right fit for clients who wish to “get even” with the party through the court process, to “settle the score,” or who want to take an “all or nothing” approach that is without justification.

We are the right fit for clients who wish to make a sensible settlement based on rights and obligations as set out in the applicable laws and principles.

We litigate when we have to, but seek more efficient solutions where possible.Thus many of our cases resolve by way of written agreement.

Ultimately the most important part of our service to clients is identifying objectives, explaining likely legal outcomes, and making every effort to ensure that the cost of legal assistance corresponds to the value of the issues in question.

That is for the client to decide, and we are here to help any way we can. Call us using the link on this page. We look forward to assisting you!