Our Rates

John Sheard charges an hourly rate of $450 plus HST

Support and Administrative Services $50 per hour, Disbursements as billed, 13% HST

The fees our clients pay are calculated based on honest, accurate timekeeping, which leads to transparent billing.

The total amount of legal fees in a given matter will depend on:

  • the complexity of their matter
  • the objectives and instructions of the client
  • the position taken by the other party
  • the decisions of the judge
  • the level of acrimony between the parties
  • the amount of time that our lawyers spend working with you to resolve your legal issues

​While we do everything we can to deliver efficient service that minimizes client expenses, certain third party charges (searches, court fees, process servers, couriers etc.) will be billed. Disbursements (the cost of producing, and filing materials) will also be billed where appropriate.

Call now or email us for an intake form and/or further particulars about fees or to discuss retaining our services.