John maintains an active criminal practice, defending all charges, with a particular focus on cases involving financial crimes and offences


Regardless of the offence for which you stand charged, do not make a statement to the police without obtaining legal advice. Do not provide evidence against yourself. Save your story for the judge. You have the right to silence: use it.


The effects of a criminal record may never disappear. Any criminal conviction is serious. Nevertheless, there are cases where a guilty plea can significantly reduce the penalty faced by a client and can be a sensible decision in the face of strong evidence.


At other times, the consequences of a criminal conviction may effectively leave clients with no choice but to challenge the evidence against them. Many cases that initially seem strong, fall apart at trial when the evidence is tested under cross-examination.


If you are charged with a criminal offence contact us now to arrange a telephone consultation. Early advice can protect you from making mistakes you might later regret. 

The Magna Carta (Latin: The Great Charter) 
This document guaranteed legal rights from the King on June 15, 1215, much as our Charter of Rights and Freedoms  guarantees our rights today.

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